Mrs. Jessica

Mrs. Jessica Flaherty has a BS in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. Mrs. Jessica began working at the Co-Op with the three-year-olds in September 2015. Prior to the Co-Op, she worked at a child care center at the University of Michigan. Mrs. Jessica is passionate about incorporating learning through play. She strives to build social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills by bringing topics that the children are excited about into the classroom. She believes in working to create a classroom community that is respectful and open towards everyone. She feels that by instilling good interpersonal skills and the wonder of knowledge to the children you can create learners for life. She loves teaching the 3’s because of their innocence and energy. 

Mrs. Jessica also incorporates parts of Handwriting Without Tears into her curriculum throughout the year.


Mrs. Holly

Holly Baker is the 4 year old classroom teacher at the Dexter Co-op Preschool. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley holding a BA in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Child Development. She also completed the multiple subject teaching credential program at Mills College in Oakland, California. Holly has been teaching for over 30 years; Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st  grade in Washington DC, the San Francisco Bay Area and Ann Arbor. She is an alumni parent at the Co-op, having all 3 of her children attend 3 and 4 year old classes. “Miss Holly” enjoys the Dexter Co-op setting as it brings the children, their parents and extended family members together with the teacher to enhance and support positive learning development for school readiness. She creates a stimulating learning environment where young children feel safe and have opportunities to explore and play with materials to spark their imagination and interests. Holly has lived in Dexter for 20 years and has been active in the community.