Fundraising 2018-2019

Overall Fundraising goal for the school year: $2,700

Although fundraising isn’t mandatory, it does help the co-op afford fun extras for our kids, examples include: the cost of our PE teacher, fun crafts, art supplies and enrichment experiences as well!

This year the co-op board thought it would be best for families to focus on maximizing the funds raised from fewer fundraising activities. We’re asking everyone to heavily consider selling, buying and/or volunteering for what we have planned for this school year so that we don’t need to add additional fundraising projects.

Ways and Means Coordinator: Emily Duncan

Fall Fundraisers:

  1. Achatz Pie Sale: Sept. 27th-Oct. 18th

    • Order Informaion

    • Orders will be sent in Oct. 22nd

    • Pies will be delivered Nov. 2nd and must be picked up between 3:30-5:30 at the co-op


    If you would prefer to make a cash donation in lieu of selling pies: selling 15 pies is equal to a $100 donation.

    Any amount of items sold will be helpful!

  2. Original Works

    • Order Information

    • Deadline for Original Works orders: Nov. 2nd

    • Orders will be received Dec. 6th. An email will be sent when the orders have been distributed to parent/student mail boxes

    The art work is almost completed in both classes.  When you receive the art work in your mail box you will also get your “family order envelope,” which will contain your child’s order form. Please follow the instructions on the order form carefully. You need to mark the art work correctly so it is printed properly on the items you decide to order for friends and family.

Spring Fundraisers:

  1. Mom to Mom Sale: March 9, 2019

    This sale involves the families of our co-op to help volunteer, possibly sell items at, set up, clean up, etc. At this point we are securing a date.Ways and Means along with the Events and Public Relations teams will be working to organize this event to help the co-op raise money. Further details will be coming soon.For now, we just ask that you get this date on your calendar so you can try and be available to volunteer your time.

Easy ways to raise additional money year round:

  1. Busch’s MyWay

    • Go to

    • Create an account if you haven’t

    • Once logged in, select Cash For Education from the dropdown menu under your account

    • Use the dropdown to find Dexter Co-Op Nursery School

    • Once you set this up, the co-op receives a percentage donation every time you shop

  2. Kroger Plus card

    • Go to

    • Create an account if you haven’t, you’ll need your Kroger Plus number to link your account

    • Once logged in, select My Account from the dropdown on the top right

    • Under Community Rewards on the left, you can choose an organization. Just search for Dexter Cooperative Preschool/Dexter Cooperative Nursery School.

    • Once you set this up, the co-op receives a percentage donation every time you shop

  3. Amazon Smile

    • On a computer go to

    • Log in with your Amazon ID and password

    • Search for Dexter Cooperative Nursery School or Dexter Cooperative Preschool and select

    • Make sure you are always shopping from, the co-op will only receive their donation when you shop starting from this site

      Amazon smile cannot be set up on your app. Follow the steps below and you should be able to add it to your phone. Or please try to shop on your computer when making large Amazon purchases. This will truly make a difference; especially when doing your holiday shopping.

      • If you have the Amazon App installed you should remove it. To do this, tap and hold the app icon until it starts to jiggle. Tap the cross at the top left of the icon and confirm that you want to delete it. Don’t worry, this will not delete your Amazon account or any of your settings.

      • Now load Safari (the iPhone internet browser) and go to

      • Tap the share button (arrow up) at the bottom of the screen

      • Tap the ‘Add to Home Screen’ icon. You may need to swipe to the left to see this

      • You will now have an Amazon Smile icon on your home screen which you can use in exactly the same way you used the Amazon App.

  4. Flip Give

    This is another website where the co-op makes a percentage of money based on online shopping adventures

    • Create an account with your email address and a password

    • Use the code MSSS75, this code ensures that the co-op receives your shopping percentage donation

    • When you online shop, sign into flip give on your computer, or you can download the app and sign in and shop on your phone

    • The website lists top retailers that participate. However, it won’t hurt to log in and shop through any retail website as new companies join flip give all the time.

  5. Clay Land Chelsea, MI

    We are on their list for fundraisers. They will donate a percent to our school if you and your family go there and mention the co-op.